mailing list / newsletter / ads

Whether it’s promoting a new collection, a workshop series, a big sale, announcing your grand opening, attracting new customers, or just keeping everyone up-to-date, it’s important to grab those people outside of your social media followers, as well as help promote what’s important to those who already follow you and your business.

We all know that Instagram and Facebook can go down unexpectedly (or because of the algorithm your followers don’t see all your posts). So, how do you reach your followers, customers, or potential clients if that happens? Compiling an email list to reach people through your newsletter is crucial — whether it’s social media crashing, people taking a break from Facebook, or just the stupid algorithm, a mailing list allows you to reach out to them and keep them in the know.

You can get assistance with:

  • gathering emails and creating a newsletter / mailing list

  • creating a MailChimp template, creating images, and writing copy for your newsletter

  • creating Facebook and Instagram ads

  • creating an ad budget

  • creating promotional flyers for ads

  • creating Facebook event pages

  • posting to various local online sites

  • organizing instagram giveaways, promotions and sales

  • creating instagram stories and posts

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