Social media is by far one of the most important tools for small businesses, but it can be tricky, time consuming and sometimes frustrating — especially when you’re lacking in followers or you don’t know what to post or share to meet your goals. But whatever your goals may be – doubling your sales, getting X amount of clients, creating a more professional online presence– everything you need will be tailored to work toward those goals.

You’ll get assistance with:

  • posting and managing all social media content 

  • creating images, videos, photos, captions and stories

  • tagging products in posts and stories, using appropriate hashtags, swipe ups, mentions

  • creating flyers for events, sales or ads (see our gallery of examples)

  • creating Instagram and Facebook ads

  • planning and organizing giveaways

  • following, commenting, replying and interacting with other accounts

  • building a mailing list 

  • creating a newsletter

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