After you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a product, you want to sell it, but figuring out the world of wholesale can be daunting.  And a lot of makers are making a lot of mistakes: bad (or no) line sheets, confusing pricing, too-high minimum purchase orders and lack-luster email pitches. But how to do it right (and well) can be learned. I will share tips compiled from other buyers as well!

You’ll learn how to get into stores you love, maintain good relationships with buyers, get helpful feedback, and figure out why those other shops aren’t returning your emails (or are saying no). Whether you’re already in the wholesale world or you just want to up your game, I can help.

You’ll get assistance with:

  • researching shops and small businesses that fit your brand

  • creating the perfect pitch for each potential account

  • your line sheet

  • pricing items, policies, minimum purchase requirements, shipping costs, etc.

  • I’ll also give you tips from buyers and shop owners about why you probably shouldn’t show up to pitch your product in-person, what to know about approaching stores in the same area, and what buyers are expecting from you in that first email pitch. 

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